Is There a height & age requirement?

We recommend the guest be 8 years of age and 50 inches tall. If a guest does not meet those requirements they may still participate but MUST have an adult purchase a ticket and accompany the guest on the tour. There is a 300lb weight limit and guests will need to fit into a harness to participate on a tour.

What do I wear?

The best attire for the Zip Line and Adventure Park is clothing that you are comfortable in, and that does not restrict your movements; clothing that is too loose or baggy may catch or snag on obstacles. Athletic or hiking shoes are the best option. Open toed shoes, sandals, crocs, or flip flops will not be permitted on the course.

How many people can be in one group?

There is no maximum amount of people for a group. However, we would ask that groups of 10 or more call ahead and make a reservation. 

How many courses can I do with my admission?

Zip Line Park = A Zip Line Park admission pass allows you to complete the Zip Line Park ONCE (roughly a 30-45 minute adventure)

Adventure Park = An Adventure park admission pass gives you unlimited access to all four courses during a two hour time slot. 

Is there an age limit?

All participants must be at least eight years old, 54 inches tall, and posses the capability to operate all equipment to participate in the Zip Line and Adventure Park.  Guest who do not meet the above requirements can complete the yellow, green and blue courses at the Adventure park if accompanied by an adult. (The adult guardian must pay separate admission.)

Will I be required to sign a waiver?

All participants must complete a waiver before entering the Zip Line and  Aerial Parks. Participants under the age of 18 must have the signature of an adult guardian. You can fill out the waiver online by clicking here

Is there a weight limit?

There is  a maximum weight limit of 300 pounds. In addition participants must be able to fit properly into the safety equipment harness. Our harnesses adjust to accommodate up to a 58 inch waist.

What am I attached to while on the course?

At Dells Zipline Adventures, we are using the Keeloc SmartSnap Belay system. The SmartSnap replaces the traditional lobster claws used at many other parks. We have chosen to use the SmartSnap because these units eliminate the possibility of accidentally unclipping! With the SmartSnap, you cannot remove both of your clips at the same time, ensuring that you are ALWAYS connected to a belay cable while off the ground.

Are staff members on the course with me? 

Park monitors will be positioned throughout the parks, and will assist you as needed. Similar to a lifeguard, we do not guide you through the whole parks, but we will not leave you hanging when in need!



Before Using the Park You Must:

  • Be at least 8 years old, 54" tall, with sound body and mind, and capable of performing specific safety tasks independently.

    • Guest who do not meet the above requirements may complete the yellow, green and blue courses at the Adventure park if accompanied by an adult. (The adult guardian must pay separate admission.)

  • Be under 300 lbs. and fit into one of our harnesses appropriately.

  • Wear well fitting clothing that does not allow anything to hang loose or get tangled in cables and rope. Sneakers or hiking shoes are recommended. Flip-flops and sandals are not appropriate and will not be allowed.

  • Read and understand all instructions, both written and verbal.

  • Get specific training in using all safety and permanently installed equipment on the ropes courses.

  • Understand and accept the risks involved.

  • Sign the waiver, either online or in person.

While Using the Park You Must:

  • Only start a course with a park monitor safely locking you in and instructing you to go.

  • Use all equipment safely and as directed.

  • At the Adventure Park you must start with the yellow or green course. The blue course must be used before going on any black course.

  • Be at least 12 years old to use the "black" course. Final decisions will be made by park monitors upon evaluation. 

  • Only use an element when another person is not on it – one person at a time.

  • Only have 3 people on a platform.

  • Never push off of a platform when starting an element or zip line. 

  • Not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • Not carry phones, cameras, or any other objects that may fall or distract you or others.

  • Not use any course with loose hair, clothing, or objects that can get caught in ropes or zip lines.

  • Not smoke in the park.

  • Carry out all objects that you bring into the park, including all trash.

  • Ask a Park Monitor for assistance when in doubt.

  • Follow instructions given by Park Monitors.

  • Evacuate the park if instructed during unusual weather conditions. (i.e. thunderstorms)

  • Understand that Park Staff reserves the right to remove from the Zip Line or Adventure Park anyone unable to perform all safety tasks independently or in breach of the safety rules.