Adventure Park

The Adventure park  is located on six scenic acres within Chula Vista Resort and consists of 4 unique courses ranging from 10-50 feet off the ground. Each course has a combination of obstacles and zip lines and has an adventure for everyone.  Before entering the Adventure Park, participants will go through an orientation session with our highly trained park monitors at our on site "Ground School."For those who wish to stay on the ground and watch the fun there are observation areas for family members and friends to get a great view of the action. 

Yellow Course


Yellow Triangle is our easiest course with heights ranging from 5-15 feet off the ground. This course is a great way to test the waters before moving to more challenging courses. 




Green Circle is our intermediate course that is twice as high and twice as difficult as the yellow course.  This course includes our longest zip line in the Adventure Park. While on the Green course don't forget to stop and enjoy the natural beauty.




Blue Square is not for the faint of heart. This is our highest course with heights topping out at 50 feet about the forest floor.  The Blue course offers prime viewing of the local wild life. 




Ages 12+

Black Diamond is our most difficult course with a number of physically challenging obstacles. Participants will uses their strength and balance to help them conquer the course all for the reward of two zip lines to finish the Black course. 

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Chula Vista Resort
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